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ADAMAS-BETA Alcohol Lamp Glass 150ml 250ml Alcohol Burner Lamp for Laboratory Equipment Heating

Product Name: Alcohol Lamp Size: 150ml/250ml PCS: 1/6(A Box) Weight: 160g/1710g Purpose: Heating
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250ml 6PCS

ADAMAS-BETA Alcohol Lamp Glass 150ml 250ml Alcohol Burner Lamp for Laboratory Equipment Heating 

1. Application: Heating tools using alcohol as fuel, widely used in laboratories, factories, scientific research, etc.
2. Purpose:
(1) Since alcohol lamp burner will not produce smoke during the combustion process, it can also achieve the purpose of sterilization by burning the instrument.
(2) The heat generated during the burning of the alcohol lamp can heat other experimental materials.
3. Instructions for use:
(1) The newly purchased alcohol lamp should be equipped with a wick first. The wick is usually twisted together with multiple strands of cotton yarn and inserted into the wick porcelain sleeve. The wick should not be too short, generally it will be 4-5cm longer after being immersed in alcohol.
(2) After adding alcohol to the new lamp, the new wick must be soaked in the alcohol, and the wick sleeve must be moved so that each end of the wick is soaked, and then adjust its length before it can be ignited. Because the wick is not soaked in alcohol, it will scorch once it is ignited.
(3) The wick of the alcohol lamp should be flat, if it is not flat due to burnt goods, use scissors to correct it.
(4) When adding alcohol, it should not exceed 2/3 of the volume of the alcohol lamp, and the alcohol should not be less than L/4.
(5) Do not knock down the alcohol lamp. In case the spilled alcohol burns on the table, immediately cover it with a damp cloth or sand.
(6) After the alcohol lamp is used up, it must be extinguished with the lamp cap, and the mouth can not be used to blow it.



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