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ADAMAS BETA Plexiglass Centrifugal Pipe Rack 6-24 Holes for 50/100ml Tubes Laboratory Transparent Centrifugal Tube Holder

Product description: Item Name:Centrifugal Pipe Rack Material:Plexiglass Holes:6,8,10,12,18,24 Suitable for 1.5ml,2ml,5ml,15ml,50ml,100ml Tubes Mode of sale: Wholesale and retail Package:1pcs
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Holes Number
8 Holes
18 Holes
24 Holes
10 Holes
6 Holes
12 Holes
50ml Tubes
100ml Tubes
15ml Tubes
1.5/2ml Tubes
5ml Tubes

ADAMAS BETA Glass Small Mouth Bottle Covered Brown / Transparent Scaleless 500ml Large Capacity Flat Bottom Laboratory Reagent Bottles

Product description:
Item Name:Small Mouth Bottle
Cover Material:PP
With Scale or Not:No
Color:Brown and Transparent
Mode of sale: Wholesale and retail

Product Features:
1. Calcium sodium glass is made of stable chemical properties and is not easy to react with substances. High light transmittance and corrosion resistance.
2. High quality threaded port design, matching screw port cover, good sealing.
3. The wall thickness is uniform, free of bubbles, transparent sand particles, cracks and burrs, and the surface is smooth and crystal clear.
4. The cover is made of PP material, corrosion-resistant, with its own shop and strong sealing.
5. Strict quality control ensures the dimensional consistency between batches. All batches of products have undergone strict limit tests to ensure that the delivered products meet the test requirements.

1.Due to the difference between light and display, there may be some slight color difference from the actual product. Please refer to the actual product.
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