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ADAMAS BETA Laboratory Brush For Test Tube/Pipette/Beaker/Flask/Reagent Bottle Soft Bristle Brush Multi-Function Reusable Cleaning Brush

Specifications: Product name: Brush Material:Pig Hair + Iron Wire Suitable for:Test tube / pipette / beaker / flask / reagent bottle Mode of sale: Wholesale and Retail Package Including:1-10pcs(According to your Choice)
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Test Tube Brush
Reagent bottle Brush
Volumetric flask Brush
Pipette brush
Triangular flask Brush
Beaker Brush
270x30mm 10pcs
230x25mm 10pcs
190x15mm 10pcs
185x33mm 10pcs
235x25mm 10pcs
260x17mm 10pcs
100ml 10pcs
250ml 10pcs
500ml 5pcs
1000ml 5pcs
100ml 5pcs
250ml 5pcs
2000ml 5pcs
25ml 1pcs
5ml 13mm 10pcs
10ml 20mm 10pcs
2ml 5mm 10pcs
50ml 10pcs
250ml 20pcs